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Tracks North America: Premier Unmanned Vehicles

Tracks North America offers two unmanned vehicles with forklift-like capabilities: The Wolverine, designed for civilian use, and the Multi-Purpose Expeditionary Platform (MPEP), which is intended for use within the DoD space. Both platforms feature a universal skid-steer attachment plate allowing for any standard attachment to be utilized, diesel-powered engine providing up to 12 hours of operating time and has a fix undercarriage with all-terrain tracks.

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One Machine, Every Mission. The MPEP offers a digital remote-controlled system to improve communication, decrease software vulnerability, and ensure mission security. To offer protection to the operator and to avoid hazardous situations, the MPEP can be controlled from a secure location up to 1000’ away. This system in sling loadable and compatible.



Enhance everyday efficiency by utilizing the Wolverine in your land development projects to clear brush, remove timber, resurface your landscape and much more. With its Universal skid steer attachment plate, the Wolverine can accommodate any task. Designed with safety and ease in mind, enjoy a remote-controlled solution superior to traditional ride-on vehicles.


Tracks NA introduced the X-Series in 2020 to add load capacity and an adjustable engine bay that offers 10" of vertical movement. The X-Series offers two different vehicle lines: The Wolverine X and the MPEP X.

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